Meet Darren

Darren Langille is the Co-Founder of Redline Real Estate, an ultra-service boutique real estate group with Real Broker that has operations extending across all of North America.

Darren himself has basically done it all in his 17 year real estate career. From sophisticated property investor, to Top 1% producing solo Realtor, to Top 5 producing sales team leader in his market, and now chief strategist & agent coach for the North America wide expansion of the Redline Real Estate | Real Broker.

Darren writes a FREE E-Series for Realtors, hosts a top rated Podcast, and is the creator of the (RE)Education School: The Complete Real Estate Business Playbook.

What is the 6 Figure BluePrint?

This is a foul proof step by step course that provides you the exact roadmap to create your next $100,000 as a Realtor!

I built this course to cut the distractions and provide the exact blueprint to set the foundation to drive a consistent 6 Figure Business!

Follow these steps, execute them in your business & I guarantee your real estate business will be poised to explode πŸš€

Hear from the Creator

Here directly from Darren about what the 6 Figure BluePrint is, why he built it, and what you can expect from it!

The BluePrint covers...

Creating a Rock Solid Sphere of Influence Marketing Plan that will position you as the "go to resource" now & creates "revenue for life" in your business!

Setup your social media to not only keep you "top of mind" with your connections but provide you the exact step by step plan to generate endless content you'll create with ease!

Plus, get my special e-book that provides 100+ ways Realtors can growth their business today!

There is no FLUFF here!

This 6 Figure BluePrint was created with 1 single intention in mind..

Crack the code for Realtors everywhere to break $100,000 in gross commissions as fast as possible.

All the while setting foundation for many multiples of it in the years to come!

What students are saying?

Nick, (Waterville Maine)

Honestly, this is the kind of training I had always hoped to have in regards to building my traditional sphere, contact list building, etc. The pace is just right, and the bite sized videos make it easy to go back and repeat.

Rachel, (East Bay California)

I am so impressed by the simplicity of the layout and empowered by the mission behind Darren's course. He is so insightful and easy to follow.

Bonita, (New Orleans)

I feel SOOO inadequate!!! There is so much I am NOT doing!!! OMG! I cannot wait to see how my business will improve once I implement these strategies!.

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