Take this 12 Week Journey with Darren & the (RE)Education School to launch your career like a rocketship! 🚀

Simple put, this is your guaranteed path to execution!

Join me in this 12 Week Bundled Option of the (RE)Education School (for life) & my personal coaching.

Receive a 1 hour "kickstarter" power session + 12 1 hour Power Coaching sessions weekly!

Extended Personalization - Extended Coaching Time - Improved Results!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these sessions be with Darren himself?

Yes, absolutely!

What's the difference from just joining his coaching option?

This bundle provides an extra 1 hour "kickstarter" with Darren himself to give you the best direction as you start the (RE)Education School. Plus, all coaching sessions are extended by 15 mins each week.

Can I delay the 12 power coaching sessions after the "kickstarter" call?

Yes. However once you start the 12 week journey there is no extensions or changes. This is for agents looking to dominate & are ready for the commitment with Darren.

Do I get access to the (RE)Education School after the 12 Week Journey?

Yes, this bundle includes access to the (RE)Education School for life.

Can I continue monthly coaching with Darren after the 12 Week Journey is complete?

Yes absolutely. Just let Darren know and purchase the monthly subscription at $997